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Using The Pond: Your Own AI Counselor (PC)

We get it –

Too much information. Not enough time. The journey to college is supposed to be exciting, but too often, it’s overwhelming and confusing.

Today we introduce you to the new and improved version of The Pond – your very own AI-powered counseling service, making the college admissions process easier than ever.

At The Pond, you can find the perfect career, college and major, and learn exactly what classes and extracurriculars you need to get into the college of your dreams.

Let's dive right in and see how The Pond can help you achieve your dreams today.

Getting Started

The Sign Up

Click the blue “Sign Up,” button on the top-right of our homepage to get started.

Write down your email and use the verification code we send you to make your account!

Welcome to The Pond

To help us provide recommendations that align with your strengths and preferences, take our Welcome Survey. Answer a couple questions about topics like your goals and GPA.

After completing the Welcome Survey, meet The Pond's Home. The home page will continuously update with personalized recommendations of careers, colleges, and extracurricular activities as you take surveys and input information about your academic status and extracurriculars.

Stepping Into The Pond

On top of your home page, you can find a short list of steps that we at The Pond recommend will help you make the most of what The Pond has to offer.

Discovering Your Career Path

To inform our college, major and career recommendations, we first want to learn about your professional aptitudes and preferences through our short career survey.

Answer questions on what kind of work sounds best for you

After the survey, you'll land on the results page. Here, personalized careers and career clusters have been preselected for you based on your career survey responses. Feel free to explore and find some careers that look interesting to you.

Click on a specific career and see everything about it, from what level of education is typically expected for the career to average income, day-to-day tasks, and what majors would best prepare you for that career path.

Finding Your College Fit

Figure out what schools are best for you through The Pond's College Survey, based off criteria like region, tuition, college and city size, academic achievement, and other factors.

Find a College lets you filter through fields of study, major offerings, admission types, and more. Click directly or arrive here after finishing the College Survey.

Select a college and see all the information to make your college admissions journey easier. Admissions and academic data, tuition costs, and a peek into student life is all readily available.

Your Future Lists

Throughout your time on The Pond, certain majors, colleges, and careers might stand out. Press their respective "Add to __ List" buttons to save them for later! All of your lists will be available at any time from My Pond.

Roadmap: Guiding Your Way

The Pond's Roadmap will tell you exactly how to gain acceptance into your dream college. Simply put in your dream college and major. After that, input the courses you've taken and those you plan to take in the future, and include any activities and standardized scores you might have.

Roadmap's Comparative Analysis feature lets you compare your current academic and extracurricular standing with actual accepted students studying the same majors at those same universities

From your Roadmap, you can see what subjects you should take more of, what extracurricular strength points you're missing, as well as how your current GPA and test scores stack up to your dream school's accepted students.

Plan, Keep Track of Your Standing

Utilize the Roadmap to keep track of what you need to prepare and improve to succeed in admissions. Use Find a College and our surveys to explore more and narrow down your future lists as your preferences change and become surer.

The road to college acceptance isn't always an easy one, but with The Pond, we will help you achieve your college dreams.

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