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How to Change the Language of The Pond

Want to use The Pond, but want to use it in a different language? Here is how to change the language of The Pond.

First, you need to install the Google Translate Chrome extension.

  1. Click the three vertical buttons on the top right of your screen by the close and minimize buttons. Scroll down to Extensions, and press Visit Chrome Web Store.

  2. From here, search the store for “Google Translate,” and download the extension.

Now, you can go back to The Pond and see it in action!

  1. Click on the extensions button to the right of your search bar. It should look like jigsaw piece and select Google Translate

  2. Instead of translating a piece of specific text, press TRANSLATE THIS PAGE

  3. Go to the top left of your screen, and press on the name of the currently selected language to see a drop-down menu where you choose from the whole range of languages available.

There you have it! Now you can use The Pond in whatever language is most convenient to you.

Start your journey to college acceptance today at The Pond.

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