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How The Pond Helped Me Get Into MIT

On December 18th, 2021, I opened my confetti-filled decision letter to MIT. It was the first school I’d heard back from, and the only one I needed. Getting accepted was a dream come true. Even as an abnormally competitive and eager kid, MIT seemed like a school that was far, far out of reach. Even though I had planned for it, through four years of high school, actually receiving the acceptance letter felt exhilarating.

I’m a person that needs to plan far ahead. Because of this, beginning in 8th grade, I began to plan the path I wanted to take in college. Not surprisingly, my ambitions for high school and college did not work out as I had expected them to. I had significantly less time than planned to do anything else except school and rowing. You might ask, rowing? Yes, rowing. I have had a relatively unique experience in high school in that my main extracurricular activity is rowing. Many people might not know the sport well, but anyone who does, knows that it requires a significant time commitment. Because my schedule was full of rowing and school, I did not have enough time to research every possible major or school in-depth. It seemed like every year I would discover a new interest that I thought I wanted to major in. This was likely because of how little I knew at the time. I kept considering paths like medicine, law, and astronomy. All three are vastly different subjects that had very little in common. I needed a webpage where essential information is compiled at once. I couldn’t browse from one webpage to the other and look over thoroughly to find all the information needed. That is why I am fond of The Pond. It provides every information and service I needed back then.

However, at the end of my junior year, I was put in contact with Letitu Corp. through my parents. Although The Pond was not established at the time, I was provided with the information that currently forms the basis of the service. This was when I discovered the field of data science, which is my current intended major at MIT. Letitu made me realize that I can combine my interests in computer science with any field I want, if I chose data science. I haven’t doubted my choice of major since then and am very excited about my classes. Getting to know majors that could possibly fit me and fulfill my interest was amazing. I could also compare and explore more about colleges at a glance. It tremendously reduces the fatigue and amount of time spent on research.

In fact, most, if not all, have a hard time with college applications in high school. That’s why The Pond is so great. It directly addresses all of the issues students have trouble with. The college process is much more exciting and infinitely less stressful with a solid plan. This is exactly what The Pond provides students withI do not doubt that I would have been much less stressed or overwhelmed throughout high school if I had something like The Pond when I was a freshman. Sample roadmaps are significantly helpful for students who don’t know where to start. They are the ultimate guide and the very first step into the road to college. The courses along with other information posted on the blog regarding the college admission process will not only help seniors but also younger peers. It’s never late to get started.

The best advice I have is to have a game plan. As stressful as it may be, there are infinite possibilities for everyone. So, get excited! It’s the first and possibly the only time in your life to choose exactly what you want to do and where you want to do it. Be prepared with The Pond. Dive in!

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